We believe in a better tomorrow which can be achieved through collaboration and collective impact.


Uniting to improve the quality of healthcare delivery for the greater good of all people.  


We facilitate the development of collaboratives to link private healthcare entities, public health and community resources and programs within houses of worship to more collectively reach people for God.

The #LoveEpidemic Collaborative


What is The #LoveEpidemic Collaborative?

Vision:  Uniting the faith community to support the lives of those who have been impacted by addiction.

Mission:  Create a Holistic System of Care that links private healthcare entities, public health resources and the houses of worship into one integrated system to effectively heal the mind, body and spirit of those suffering from addiction.

'We Believe' Message:  The Greater Good Ambassadors believe that everyone deserves to know, that because of Jesus Christ, everything we have ever done wrong has already been forgiven.

Where:  Franklin County, OH


How does this work? Through a Collective Impact Framework

At GGA, we strive to use the collective impact framework methodology for any large scale initiative.  This framework is explained in detail by a publication out of Stanford in 2011 to structure any large scale initiative.  Click on the picture to read more about how this model functions.

The Collective Impact Framework consists of five main components:

1.  Common Agenda

2.  Common Progress Measures

3.  Mutually Reinforcing Activities

4.  Communication

5.  Backbone Organization

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